}; Share. Species: Pseudotropheus sp. we sell tropical fish online directly from our farm to your front door! They are known best for their striking colors, making them perhaps the most popular group of Cichlids for hobbyists. sales@Southeastcichlids… Max size 4-4.5"Suitable tank mates: Pseudotropheus, Labeotropheus, LabidochromisMales have most coloration at maturity & females remain same color as juveniles. Tropheus Moori - Kaiser Ikola. from $14.99. AULONOCARA … Keep in large groups (9 or 10+) in a species aquarium. (Cheapest cichlid will be free of charge, please purchase 6 cichlids or more, the cost of the free cichlid will be deducted from the total when we process your order, before any charge is made to your credit/debit card. AULONOCARA Jacobfrebergi "Otter Point" Sm 1.5" unsexed $7.50ea Med 3-3.5" males $27.50ea Lg 4" males(pic right) $45.ea Lg females $25.ea Lg Pair(1m1f) $60./pr. Daytona Beach, FL, 32124. Peacocks … Aulonocara masoni belongs to the Aulonocara stuartgranti complex of peacock cichlids. $29.95. Keep in a species aquarium with at least 9 or 10+ other fish. window.document.write("